Not sure whether this is the issue that I’m dealing with exactly as I’m again having trouble connecting to my websites that I’ve set up via Apple Server outside of the LAN, but I’m wondering how I could troubleshoot this so that I can figure out why I’m not able to access my server.

All that I’m trying to do is essentially read my feeds through the Fever° installation that I have on my Mac Mini. Right now I’m updating the feeds on my devices when I’m at home, but would like to update the feeds when I’m out.

edit: Interesting… I’m now able to access the server and refresh my feeds via my iPhone’s cellular data service. Tomorrow when I’m going to be reading my feeds at work I won’t be able to access them…

edit: Ok, I believe (fingers crossed) that I’ve got this fixed. I went through this tutorial and then changed my DNS hostname service to the “noip” service you guys all recommended and so far so good.

Now the only test will be if it will last for a week without hiccups… but it’s looking good so far.

Thank you all for the support!

SSL is something that you manage on a server (apache/nginx) level, not at the DNS level (other than adding a subdomain for or something).

I have noip redirecting SSL traffic from the dynamic hostname I’ve setup ( to my static ip without any sort of special configuration on Obviously the server you’re redirecting to needs to have a SSL certificate installed and be able to handle SSL traffic appropriately.

Mine uses a self-signed SSL cert, I’d have to go through the steps very carefully if using a full SSL cert, as those are issued to a domain name and don’t like lots of redirects.

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