Etna volcano slides gradually and also undoubtedly in the direction of the sea because of gravity, and also this can become a disaster.

The disaster is not brewing, despite the fact that scientists have actually found that the Etna Volcano is relocating gradually on both the surface area as well as the sea. The danger of volcano collapse is more than in the past, according to a research.

“We require to much better recognize just how this shift functions and also what variables are required to figure out the collapse,” stated research study co-author Morelia Urlaub, aquatic geodynamic scientist at GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research in Kiehl, Germany.

Etna is the most energetic volcano in Europe. The volcano is gradually relocating out of its area – as well as has actually been doing so for 30 years.

Urlaub and also his group uncovered that in simply 8 days, in May 2017, the volcano sank by 4 centimeters. The variable that led to the Etna volcano being immersed at sea is gravity.

“We understand from various other volcanoes in the taped geological background that they sank disastrously and also created really, huge as well as fast landslides,” Urlaub claimed. “And if these landslides get to the sea, they can trigger a tidal wave.”

It is not yet feasible to claim precisely just how high the danger of a collapse in the future is. “There is a danger,” Urlaub discussed. “We simply need to view the Etna Volcano coastline and also just how it relocates.”

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