For something that can easily access the world wide web, there need to some simple steps followed to keep safe the phone innards as well as the user of the phone from harm.  At times the harm can be quite serious and something that could cost money and peace of mind to rectify.  The fluid situation that the typical phone user is subject to makes any hard and fast rule unsuitable to the occasion and it is more a case to case application of the mind that would keep a person and is smart phone safe.

Noting down the IMEI number

When a new smart phone or for that matter any mobile phone is first unboxed and put to active use, the first step should be always to make a note of the IMEI number.  There are ways any given phone can be made to display this bit of information but in most cases the number would be presented on the outer box that the phone came packaged in.

The IMEI number is unique in that there would be no other phone that could use the same number and more importantly the mobile operator can get to know of any particular IMEI number that is logged on to the system.  It thus is a good way to ensure a safety of operations in case the phone is stolen or at times falls into the wrong hands.

Keeping the system updated

It follows naturally that the anti-virus must be kept updated all the time.  And if possible, it is highly advisable that a premium service of the better known anti-virus is availed of.  This is a simple and easy method to keep track of the very latest of security concerns and precautions that various industry bodies release from time to time.

More than being just aware of a situation, it is best to take counter measures to see that a particular situation does not affect a user.  The simple method of using a premium paid anti-virus would in good measure provide the much needed security needed to counter most situations.

The need for a pro-active approach

The very dynamic situations that most smart phones are exposed to that need speedy interventions at best ensure that the user must be kept prepared for any eventually.  There are however some simple ways of ensuring this is done and hence a strong recommendation that a premium anti-virus be installed in the handset.

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